Classroom Rules

3/4 A have been working on classroom rules. We’ve been working hard since the first day of term.

We all try to not break any rules, especially NEVER give up.

These are all of our rules:

* Care for our classmates and include them in games!

* Pay attention when someone is speaking!

* Put your hand up when you wish to speak

* Always try your hardest!

* Be co-operative and respect others!

* Always be safe in the classroom!

* Treat people the way you want to be treated!

* To be kind to each other!

And of course NEVER give up!

By Melina & Ruby:)




Welcome back to school after a well deserved rest and relax. The year has started off well, with all students arriving on the first day with a smile on their face and a thirst for learning! 
I would like to welcome all the new families and students who have joined Moonee Ponds Primary School. 
Year 3/4 A have been busy over the last few days organising  our classroom and setting up the learning environment. We categorised the classroom library, labelled the tubes and are setting up our writers note books. 
It is going to be a fantastic and busy year! 
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