During Naplan week, the grade 4’s did debating. If you’re someone out there that doesn’t know what debating means, it is when two teams argue about a topic. There is an affirmative team (the team the agrees), and a negative team (the team that disagrees.

There are normally 3-4 members on the team. The year 4’s were put into a  group of 4 or 5…but mostly 4. There were 8 teams altogether and they all worked very hard on what they  were given                                                                                                                      

 They were presented on Friday the 17th of May. All the year 3’s watched the debates. There were votes going on in the audience. It was sooo nerve-racking hearing the scores for the teams. The year 4’s were glad it was over.

By Grace, Melina and Deanne. 🙂

Naplan Week!

Yes thats right, this week was Naplan week for the year 3 students! The sessions pasted by fast and everyone was very positive and excited about taking part. Here are some reflections from year 3 students:

“I found Naplan good but when you finish early I’d advise you take a book to read as that time can be boring. I found that the reading was my favourite as I had to check it and it was harder and I liked the challenge!’ By Jared Haigh

“Naplan was fun and hard at the same times but altogether everyone did very well. I enjoyed the writing one the best as it was not the hardest and it was good writing about a topic we don’t usually do!” By Greta Fuhr

“At first I felt it may have been a bit to challenging but after a while it felt like it was going to be a bit easy and simple. I liked doing numeracy as it was a bit challenging in some parts and others were a bit easy. In the writing part we had to write a persuasive text.” By Connor Davis

“Naplan test was difficult and I had a bit of troubles understanding the meaning of some of the words and what they meant. I really liked doing the maths test the most because it was easy and it didn’t take me that long to find the answers. By Anton Ohrt


A big well done to all the year 3’s who took part in their first Naplan! Great work!!

Volume and Capacity

Today in 3/4A we learnt how to measure volume and capacity. First we learnt about capacity. We learnt that capacity is how much something can hold.

The first activity our class did was about learning the basics of measuring capacity and volume. We used a cup to measure the capacity of a vase. We found out that the total capacity of the vase was 2400ml.

Then we worked in a groups of 3 and found out some capacity measurements of other containers. The biggest capacity was 4200ml and the smallest capacity was about 33ml.

After working outside, we worked together to measure volume. We measured the volume of our fists. We found out that Grace’s fist holds a volume of 200ml compared to Ben H’s fist which was 100ml.  Then we measured the capacity of Ana’s lungs which were 1300ml. We measured it by getting Ana to blow up a balloon with one long breath. Then we measured the capacity of our bowl. After that Ana pressed her balloon into the bowl of water causing the water to overflow. Then we measured the water left in the bowl and worked out the difference to find Ana’s lung capacity!

We had fun during these activities!

Welcome Back

Hello year 3/4’s and welcome back to term 2. 

It is starting to get cold now (we hope) and I know we are all getting ready for a fun filled term full of adventure, learning and research!

This term we will be learning about Endangered Animals! A topic that I am so interested in. I know you are all excited too.

In Maths we will be focusing on finishing up place value and moving on to addition followed by subtraction. We will also be doing lots of problem solving using the problem solving strategies.

In Literacy we will be working on persuasive writing, reading strategies as well as reading fix it strategies and research (after all, this term you are all going to be little conservationists).

There are some fun excursions and incursions book so stay tuned for more information!

I hope all the year 4’s had a go at writing some posts on their blogs over the holidays. If not do some by Thursday!

Have a happy first day back!

Happy research!

Happy Easter 3/4A

I can’t believe its Easter Holidays already!

It has been a fantastic term in year 3/4, everyone has achieved a great deal and worked very hard! Well done!

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and a safe Easter!

See you in two weeks!

Fun Body Yoga!


My body feels flexable now!

Today was so strange! Magic dust was blown into the air! We all became wrapped in a bubble!

We shrank and some how we ended up in our own mouth! We were able see our teeth, a sandwich we had just eaten and our taste buds.

We travelled through the digestive system. Then we entered into the blood streem! It was very red. We meet a horrid germ! We then meet the white blood cells. The white blood cell attacked the germ! Cool!

We give yoga a big thumbs up!

Thanks Sandra!

Sailing down the blood!

Perimeter and the Human Body!

Good Morning, we started the day today by looking at perimeter! For those of you who don’t know what this is …. Perimeter is the outside of an object. We used a range of tools to help us measure.


We used: 1cm cubes, string, tape measures, our hands and rulers.

We started by measuring things in the classroom like, the whiteboard, tables, books, computer screen and posters.

Once we had the hang of it we moved on to measure something bigger and better. We measured our BODIES!!!!

This term we have been recording facts about the human body on life size posters of our bodies. Today we measured the PERIMETER of these bodies.

These are some reflections we have to share with you:

“it was hard to get the string around the body, as it kept on moving” By Ruby

“we used string to measure, it was easy to measure the string once we had finished” By Sasha

“even though the activity was a bit challenging, we still had fun. The perimeter of my body was 7m 7cm” By Deanne

“something I learnt today was that when you measure the perimeter of something it is the outside of the object’ By Jared

“working in team is great as we all were working together” by Ferris.

It was a bit challenging, but we all had fun doing the activity together!

Stay tuned to see our bodies finished!

Measuring the perimeter of the body!


Foot and Shoe Maths

Today in 3/4A we are measuring our feet and shoes.

Measuring my shoe. The perimeter of my shoe is 59cm.

We had to estimate length,width,the narrowest part and the perimeter of our feet. Then we had to check our estimations to see if they were right or wrong.

Measuring her foot! The perimeter was 53cm!

We were able to use anything on the  maths trolley. Estimating the answer was hard.

Tracing my shoe is hard work!

Then we had to cut them out and stick them on a long piece of paper for background we had to do this in size order from smallest to largest, it was a lot of hard work but we all had a good time.

By Ferris and Justin

Measuring is hard work!

We used cm cubes, rulers, tape measures and string to measure the perimeter, length and width.

Sizzling Starts!

‘Here are a few of our sizzling starts.

We hope you like them!

These sizzling starts are about an angry kangaroo who wanted to be invisible:

‘I WANT TO BE INVISIBLE!’ bellowed the angry kangaroo as he whacked me in the face with his tail. He whacked me so hard I landed into a man reading the newspaper. We were still on our way to Portugal and I could see he was still angry about not being invisible. It all started with the story I told him…….

By Ferris Joyce

Swoosh, as the plane took off to the centre of Bangor, the kangaroo was furious with one of the staff for not getting him a glass of champagne when he was in first class. So he decided he wanted to be invisible…..

By Ben White


On Kangaroo holiday, Mr Kangaroo booked a ticked for going to Kydney (a kangaroo city) and then when he and his wife arrived they went straight to the hotel they had booked and there was a baby kangaroo. 

10 Months later…….

“I want to turn invisible Dad’ said Steve (the first born kangaroo) 

By Justin Wu


These sizzling starts are about a Jellyfish that grows super sized cherries…….


Milly was tossing and turning all night, she finally got up and went outside to see her cherries. They were so small. She took out her magic sword and then said the magic words “twirlly, wirly, gapush” then she put the sword in the middle of the cherries, what did she do? Noooooooo, she forgot she was selling them……….

By Sasha Byrne

 Splash! went the Jellyfish. The witch and I just made a special poshion he said to his sword. He was a very special Jellyfish because he had an enchanted sword, but what he didn’t know was that the witch didn’t want to be his friend she was just trying to get the sword…….

By Greta Fuhr 




Wow! Look at what we did today!!!

As soon as the bell rang, we walked to the SPC for performing arts class. We did some singing warm ups to get our throat ready to sing. We sang an African song.

It went like this:

mal mal mal

kame meh go

kame meh go 

Next we had a  chat about what a ‘SIZZLING START’ is. A sizzling start is an exciting start to a story. It is also a way to  get the reader drawn into the piece of writing.

Stay tuned to see some of these sizzling starts in the next few days.

After recess we had fantastic maths! We played greedy pigs and then we focused on Place Value! We played a game with Place Value charts and pop sticks and MAB blocks. It was great! We then played another game using the interactive whiteboard, its called Rainforest Maths! We used number expanders to check our answers! We all got them right! Yehhhh!

We then read ‘Angel Creek’ our class book. The children in the story go on lots of adventures and when we are listening to the story we are on the edge of our seats!

Lunchtime was great, we played checkers, worked in the veggie garden and we played on our new playground.

We did some independent reading this afternoon!

Today was GREAT we had fun in class and out in the yard!

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