The year 3/4 Science Bakers!

Following our experiement yesterday we decided to make bread so we could see what the yeast does.

Today we wanted to learn about ‘Change of  State’. We looked at how yeast makes things rise. The yeast lets out a gas.  Some of us liked the smell of the gas and others didn’t.

We were very excited while we waited for the bread to rise and cook. We wanted to eat it!

While we were waiting we did another experiment to see how something can change its state.  We wanted to make cream into butter. We did this by putting two marbles into a jar of cream and took it in turns to shake the bottle unitl it turned yellow and changed from a liquid to a solid.

The best part was eating the bread with butter (that we made) and jam!

We had a fun day! Now that we know how to make butter and bread we would love to teach you!

Yeast Experiment

This term we are learning about Science, focusing on Chemistry. Chemistry is the mixing of liquids, gases and solids.

Yesterday we did an experiment using yeast. We had three ingredients. Yeast, water and sugar. We all had to bring in a bottle from  home to use. On our tables we decided who would have each ingredient in each bottle. Bottle 1,2 and 3  had to be kept in a warm area. Bottle 4,5 and 6 had to be put in a  cold area. Bottle 1 and 4 had yeast water and sugar in it. Bottle 2 and 5 had yeast and water in it and bottle 3 and 6 had water and sugar. We then had to put a balloon on top of our bottle.

We waited for 10 minutes then observe what had happened. Some of the balloons in the warm area had inflated. These contained yeast, water and sugar.

We then waited an hour and a half and observed what we saw.  All of the yeast, water and sugar balloons had inflated.

This was an exciting experiment.




Happy Holidays

Dear 3/4 A,

What a fantastic term we have had together. It has been lots of fun learning about endangered animals and what we can do to help them. You have shared so much knowledge and research with your classmates and with me. I have learnt lots and lots. Your work on your MI projects was outstanding. The posters, paper mache, poems, raps, dioramas and songs were very creative and all set out so well.  You all did so much work and spent so much time researching. A big clap for you all.

Enjoy your holidays, have fun, stay warm and be good!

See you in two weeks time.

Don’t forget to sleep in.




Today we went to the computer room to work on our pamphlet that we have been working on for a while.

They are on endangered animals  that we picked in a group of two and we find out their features.We had to reserch the infomation that we got from a rubric that was handed out.We tried to get them all done because we had been working on them for a while and we had to change all our titles and fonts so it was perfact. We also put in a backgroud so it would stand out better to other people. But we had a little trouble printing in colour.

We all had a great and exiting sesson!

Werribee Zoo News!



Hello class,

As I’m sure you all know we are off to the Werribee Zoo this week! I wonder if anyone sore the new baby that was just born at the Zoo?

The baby  Southern White Rhino weighed 67kg when she was born! Thats pretty big. Can you tell me is the Southern White Rhino endanger? What country do they come from?

This new baby doesn’t have a name yet and I thought you may have some ideas? We would love to hear what you would call the baby if you could name her.


Don’t forget to get to school early on the day of the excursion, to bring a waterproof jacket and lunch in a labeled plastic or paper bag. We are going to be leaving school as soon as we are all ready! 

Athletics Day!

Here are some of our Athletics Day reflections.

We wrote them as a descriptive poem.

The circular relay

Tricky and cold

Running and jogging


Windy as a tornado. 

By Ana


The relay

Hard and cheering

loud and hoping

breath taking

like a big explosion of happiness. 

By Ben H


The 800m

Quick and rapid

Jogging and concentrating


A bale of turtles. 

By Ferris


I think these poems really show how we all felt about the day! It was great! Well done to all the teams but especially to LAWSON who won!

This morning it was V.I.P day for the 3/4s. Those of you who don’t  know what V.I.P means it means that you invite a family member or a friend and it stands for very important person. First of all we showed our family member how to pick a just right book. Then after that we read a bit of our just right book to our guest. We also read our draft book stories to our family member or a friend. We showed them our endangered animals video on the ipads to our V.I.P.

Then we got our guest to just have the littlest squiz of our classroom blog which you will be on right now reading this paragragh. Then it was snack time. Before they left they got to have a look around the room. Then they were welcome to leave the classroom. It was a fun morning for all guests and for all students.

Addition Fun!

Today in our maths session we did vertical addition. We played a fun vertical addition game. We worked in a group with one of our friends. We had to roll two, three, four or five nine sided dice and make a larger number. We then turned this into an equation. We had to solve the equation. We checked all our adding on the calculator. If our answers were wrong we had to go back and check to see why it was wrong and what we should do to fix it.

We worked really hard and we learnt a lot  from it! It improved our prior knowledge of addition.

We had a very enjoyable session.

Here are some links that you may like to check out! The links can be found in Fun Links below.

Mummy Maths


Basket Ball Addition:





Education Week!


During Education week we will be taking part in a simultaneous reading activity. We will be reading ‘The Wrong Book’… No thats what it is called. We are not reading the wrong book. we are reading the right book……called “The Wrong Book’ So confusing! Here is what we thought about it! 



Here are some of our finished stories. We hope you enjoy.


‘Hello, my name is Maya and this book is about ……….A Witch!’

‘This book is not about a Witch you are in the wrong book!”

‘As i was saying… Hello my name is Maya and this is a book about ……..A frog!’

‘This book is NOT about a frog, you are in the wrong book!’

‘My name is Maya and this is a book about ……. A zebra’

‘This is not a book about a zebra, you are in the wring book!’

‘My name is Maya and this book is NOT about Witches, Frogs and Zebras! This book is about …….ME!’

Written by Maya Kosta.



Hello my name is Luca Christofides and i am going to tell you about………The Three Musketeers! What? Im not telling you a story about The Three Musketeers ‘Go Go Away!’ Im sorry but you are in the wrong book so go away!

Finally now I can start the book……Hello my name is Luca Christofides and i am going to talk about……Princess…What??? I am definitely not telling a story about magic unicorns and princesses and faries at LaLa Land.

Written by Luca Christofides



Hello my name is Greta and we’re in….what? We are not in a rain forest. Hu?

Hello my name is Greta, hold up! This book is not about a pen!

Hello my name is Greta and this book is about …..a tree! Trees are to big to fit in this book! go away!

Hi my name is Greta and this book is about a pie! Why would this book be about a pie! GO AWAY!

Hi my name is Greta and this book is about a-a-a-a chooooo! This book is definitely not about a sneeze!

Hi my name is Greta and this book is about a Rubber! What? I wish i could erase all of this!

Hi my name is Greta and this book is about THE END! NO…..This book is meant to be about ME!


Written By Greta Fuhr


Today in class we read an article about Palm Oil. It discussed what palm oil is, how t is used and what companies use it. This article made us mad. We felt like we were being tricked as we didn’t know some of these companies that we buy food from all the time use palm oil. They also trick us by not labeling their products as palm oil but as vegetable oil. We have decided to write to these companies to persuade them to not use palm oil and to tell them how it is affecting the Orangutans. Stay tuned to see our finished letters. Let us know what you think about palm oil?


There is so much more we can do to help other animals that are also endangered. We found a website created by the Zoo’s in Victoria. It has a lot of information about endangered animals and what we can do to help them. Check it out, I have included the link below. We are also collecting mobile phone to send to the zoo to help the Gorilla’s! Way to go 3/4A! 


Check out ACT WILD website:

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