Collaborative Art Work

It has been a fun and exciting week in the Visual Arts room. Each class in the school has been working together to create a canvas to be sold at the school fate. We have included ink blowing,… Read More


Here is the coloured picture of the painting that you will be making inferences about for homework this week. Enjoy.  


Well it is the third week of term 4 already and time is flying. We are all getting ready for swimming today and very excited. Everyone was dressed in thongs and bathers ready to make a splash. We… Read More

Grammar and Punctuation Songs

Today we learnt a song about adjectives. You sing it to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat. We all liked it, so decided to write our own songs about other types of grammar and punctuation. In… Read More

Spelling Homework!

Each week students in 3/4 A have to learn to spell 12 words as part of the homework program. They are required to do ‘look, say, name, cover, write and check’ activities three times in the week and… Read More

Book Week Book Reports

Tanglewood book review By Luca and Jared This is a story called Tanglewood by Margret Wild  and Viveine Goodman. This story is about a tree called Tanglewood and how he was so lonely for ages but one day… Read More

Book Reports

 A Day To Remember Our book “A Day to Remember” is about Anzac Day and the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to save their country.   This book is what happened in the war and which year on Anzac… Read More

Book Reviews

Peggy We read a picture story book called “Peggy”. It was written by Anna Walker and published by Scholastic Australia. Peggy was an exciting book about a hen that gets swept away by a gust of wind and… Read More

Book Week

Over the last few weeks students in 3/4 A have been reading all of the shortlisted books for Book Week 2013. They have been working on book reviews based on these books. Over the next few days you… Read More

Rounding Off Numbers

Today in Maths we focused on rounding off numbers to the nearest 10. So we could round the number 23 off to the nearest ten and it would become 20. We used this to help us to work… Read More

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