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Hello and welcome to my class blog! My name is Beth and I have been working at MPPC for 6 years now and I love it! I love sewing and craft, yoga, art, gardening, animals, nature, reading and learning new things! I love being outside and going on adventures as well as spending time with my lovely family and friends.

My dog Roxie

I have a dog called Roxie, three chickens, one called Henny Penny and one called Belina and my ninja chicken is called Fern.

One of my lovely Chickens!

I also have a duck called JPD…that stands for Jemima Puddle Duck. We found her as a baby at our local creek, she should not have been there as she is not native to Australia.

This is me riding a horse on the holidays!

I love my job and working with the FANTASTIC students at MPPS. It is a great job because it is never the same. New things are happening all the time and I am always amazed with the students and their ideas, learning and achievements. They ROCK!

I hope you enjoy our blog!


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  1. dear veiwers, IHADE A GREAT DAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!! IT was great.BETH is really nice I hope i get her next year.IT is going really well every body is nice. kind regards SASHA.

  2. hello beth,
    i love to get on our class blog I don’t want this year to en

    from Greta

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