Collaborative Art Work

It has been a fun and exciting week in the Visual Arts room. Each class in the school has been working together to create a canvas to be sold at the school fate.

We have included ink blowing, printing, drawing and painting to create some standout pieces of art.

The foundation students were very excited to be in the art room for the first time this year. The painted a picture to take home, the canvas for the fate, another canvas for their bag room and the art room tables. Lots of happy faces and very proud preppies.

Year 1/2 also showed enthusiasm when they had their lessons. Lots of creative artists in this year level. Their final works are wonderful.

Year 5/6 students create a “change the world’ message to share using words, images or symbols. Look deep into these canvases to find the messages and don’t forget to always read between the art lines for those hidden messages.

Year 3/4 students have begun to work on their canvas that will take a few more weeks to finish. They are using oil pastels on canvas for a bright design.




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