Spelling Homework!

Each week students in 3/4 A have to learn to spell 12 words as part of the homework program. They are required to do ‘look, say, name, cover, write and check’ activities three times in the week and to complete a spelling activity card. The spelling activity cards are all different. Below is a completed spelling activity by Melina. Melina had to use her spelling words in a story. Great work Melina.

Moon Walking 

By Melina

Year 4

On the weekend, my cousins, my sister and I went to space. There was no gravity there and we were conveyed there by a rocket ship. When we landed on the moon, we walked in a floaty kind of motion and  found rocks that let off radioactivity.
We made faces when the nuclear air dragged across our space helmets and I thought we looked like a specific book character from one of my favorite books.
Surprisingly, my cousin, Harris, found and oak tree growing off a part of the moon. I saw that there was a doe resting under it. It suddenly spotted us and hopped away. It was like the doewas our pet and it abandoned us. Cleopatra, Harris’ sister, planted our flag on the rocky surface of the moon.
I kneeled on the moon and took something out of my pocket. It was an asteroid which had crashed into earth, though, it was quite a small one. I carefully displayed it in a small crater.
I stood up, conveying a message to Mietta:
“The journey isn’t over yet…”

One Comment on “Spelling Homework!

  1. Hi Beth!
    When my sister visited our class blog today, I was surprised to see my spelling homework letter typed up on there!

    I had coloured some words red to show that they were the spelling words I used.


    Hope to hear from you soon, can’t wait to start relaxing on the weekend…
    From Melina 🙂

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