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We read a picture story book called “Peggy”. It was written by Anna Walker and published by Scholastic Australia. Peggy was an exciting book about a hen that gets swept away by a gust of wind and is lost in the city. We liked how Peggy had a self-connection with some sunflowers and finds her home. Our favourite character was Peggy. She was the main character. The recommend ages is 4 to 9 to read this book. We hope you enjoy reading this book!


Too many Elephants in this House!

Our book was called “Too many Elephants in this House “and it was written by Ursula Dubosarsky and the publisher was Penguin Group. Our favourite character was the boy Eric. We loved how he got a giant box and turned it into a house for the elephants. We also liked how there were elephants everywhere. We think the book was too easy for us but, we recommend it for a younger age group. We liked the illustrations and it was really creative. We really loved how the author used her imagination, and put an elephant in every room, and they did everything with Eric. If we had to rate this book, we would rate it a 4 out of 5.

By Deanne and Grace!


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