Book Reports

 A Day To Remember

Our book “A Day to Remember” is about Anzac Day and the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to save their country.


This book is what happened in the war and which year on Anzac Day it happened and also which soldiers served for which country. Anzac stands for Australian, New Zealand, Army,   Corps .Anzac Day celebrates the loss of our ancestors lives that served for us in the war.


This book was written  by  Jackie French and illustrated by Mark Wilson. We would highly recommend this book to people the age of 9+.We give this book 3 ½  stars out of 5 stars.

This book was reviewed by Zara Christian-Ng and Connor Davis!

 It’s a Miroocool


The Book  we read was called It’s a Miroocool. The author is Christine Harris and the publisher is  a group of people called Little Hare Books.

The story was about a little girl who lost her tooth and she made clues to help the tooth fairy get the Tooth. The tooth fairy goy the tooth in the most extreme problems.

We said that the word difficulty was easy for us but it may be just right for preps, grade 1’s and maybe grade 2’s

The part we liked best was when the tooth fairy gets to the house to collect the tooth from the girl.


We both thought that there were enough illustrations in the book. There was always a big picture on each page because it’s a picture story book


The book was interesting for us and it will be for you. It was interesting because it had the background of the out-back and the problems were exiting.


Our comment for the book was that it was ideal for all ages and the book is also exitingfor both of us.


Our favourite characters were the girl and the tooth fairy because they were interesting and also because they were both the main characters.


We recommend the book for 3-8 year olds and it’s a lovely book to enjoy.

By Ferris and Ben


                         WITH NAN

We  reviewed the book ‘With Nan’. The author was Tania cox and the publisher was Windy Hollow Books. The book was about a Nan and a child. Nan said to Simon” there are some things that aren’t what they seem.” We liked that nan said this and that she showed us those things that aren’t what they seem. The illustrations had light colours and it was detailed and it was interesting. Our favourite character was  the dog. A comment we have is that they should have more characters in this book. We think this book is reasonable.

Anton and Max reviewed this book.





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