Rounding Off Numbers

Today in Maths we focused on rounding off numbers to the nearest 10.

So we could round the number 23 off to the nearest ten and it would become 20.

We used this to help us to work out the answers to harder multiplication equations.

Like: 256 X 8 =

We rounded the numbers to the nearest 10 so

256  becomes 260 and 8 becomes 10 so our new equations is:

260 x 10 = 2600

Today we  learnt a new strategy. This will help us when we solve problems in our heads!

2 Comments on “Rounding Off Numbers

  1. Wow-ie, wow, wow-some!
    I learnt SOOOO much when doing that maths class!
    We did do a little last year when I was in grade 3, but now I feel so much more confident when rounding off numbers!

  2. Hey Beth,
    Just want to let you know that I tryed rounding off numbers on the weekend.
    And I did have a sheet I did it on, but I lost it.
    I really wanted to show you but I lost it.

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