Yeast Experiment

This term we are learning about Science, focusing on Chemistry. Chemistry is the mixing of liquids, gases and solids.

Yesterday we did an experiment using yeast. We had three ingredients. Yeast, water and sugar. We all had to bring in a bottle from  home to use. On our tables we decided who would have each ingredient in each bottle. Bottle 1,2 and 3  had to be kept in a warm area. Bottle 4,5 and 6 had to be put in a  cold area. Bottle 1 and 4 had yeast water and sugar in it. Bottle 2 and 5 had yeast and water in it and bottle 3 and 6 had water and sugar. We then had to put a balloon on top of our bottle.

We waited for 10 minutes then observe what had happened. Some of the balloons in the warm area had inflated. These contained yeast, water and sugar.

We then waited an hour and a half and observed what we saw.  All of the yeast, water and sugar balloons had inflated.

This was an exciting experiment.




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