The year 3/4 Science Bakers!

Following our experiement yesterday we decided to make bread so we could see what the yeast does.

Today we wanted to learn about ‘Change of  State’. We looked at how yeast makes things rise. The yeast lets out a gas.  Some of us liked the smell of the gas and others didn’t.

We were very excited while we waited for the bread to rise and cook. We wanted to eat it!

While we were waiting we did another experiment to see how something can change its state.  We wanted to make cream into butter. We did this by putting two marbles into a jar of cream and took it in turns to shake the bottle unitl it turned yellow and changed from a liquid to a solid.

The best part was eating the bread with butter (that we made) and jam!

We had a fun day! Now that we know how to make butter and bread we would love to teach you!

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  1. That was a very nice experiment I liked the eating part the most bye

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