Happy Holidays

Dear 3/4 A,

What a fantastic term we have had together. It has been lots of fun learning about endangered animals and what we can do to help them. You have shared so much knowledge and research with your classmates and with me. I have learnt lots and lots. Your work on your MI projects was outstanding. The posters, paper mache, poems, raps, dioramas and songs were very creative and all set out so well.  You all did so much work and spent so much time researching. A big clap for you all.

Enjoy your holidays, have fun, stay warm and be good!

See you in two weeks time.

Don’t forget to sleep in.



5 Comments on “Happy Holidays

  1. Dear Beth,
    Today I am leaving for Thailand I’am so excited!!! I can’t wait until the flight leaves. Right now I’am in the Qantus lounge typing on a computer.
    Leaving the lounge soon to head of to Thailand.
    From Rubyt

  2. dear Beth ,

    I have been having a lot of fun with you this term and I am looking forward to learn about science with you next term.

    The first Friday of the school holiday’s I was at school holiday program. the school holiday program does all these fantastic activities they even bring in people to show things like animals. Ones they brought a green tree frog and a little crocodile that I got to hold with my brother.I hope I see you again.
    from max.

  3. Dear Beth,

    i hope you have a great HOLIDAY! I have had a great holiday so far.

    From You’re Student Zara 🙂

  4. Dear Beth,
    I’am having so much fun in Thailand it is so humid and moist over here about to go swimming in the pool and also going to the market today . I have learnt some local fruits they have some really weird names .
    From Ruby

  5. Dear class,
    During the holidays i stayed at my Granparents farm in Euroa. One day we saw the movie Despicable Me 2 in Shepparton. On Saturday i went to Trent’s party and we went to Phillip Island and stayed at a holiday house for a sleep over we had lots of fun and stayed up late and played murder in the dark. The blog is looking awesome!! from Luca

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