Today we went to the computer room to work on our pamphlet that we have been working on for a while.

They are on endangered animals  that we picked in a group of two and we find out their features.We had to reserch the infomation that we got from a rubric that was handed out.We tried to get them all done because we had been working on them for a while and we had to change all our titles and fonts so it was perfact. We also put in a backgroud so it would stand out better to other people. But we had a little trouble printing in colour.

We all had a great and exiting sesson!

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    The blog looks awesome! On the holidays, I am going to my beach house at Port Arlington and I might see some of my cousins. I hope all of you have a fantastic holiday! Have FUN!

  2. OMG! I am having the best holidays yet! But still can’t wait to go to school! I miss school alot!Hope everywan is having a great time! happy holidays!

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