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Hello class,

As I’m sure you all know we are off to the Werribee Zoo this week! I wonder if anyone sore the new baby that was just born at the Zoo?

The baby  Southern White Rhino weighed 67kg when she was born! Thats pretty big. Can you tell me is the Southern White Rhino endanger? What country do they come from?

This new baby doesn’t have a name yet and I thought you may have some ideas? We would love to hear what you would call the baby if you could name her.


Don’t forget to get to school early on the day of the excursion, to bring a waterproof jacket and lunch in a labeled plastic or paper bag. We are going to be leaving school as soon as we are all ready! 

13 Comments on “Werribee Zoo News!

  1. Hi Beth! I’ve got a few ideas of what the Rhino’s name could be: Bianca, Grace or Angelina. What do you think of the names? I also enjoyed the excursion very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very,very, VERY, much. I had a lot of favorites, but my FAVORITE was the safari bus. Melina

  2. By the way i had a wonderful day today at the zoo and i had a name for the baby rhino,Harriet i couldn’t think of a African name.

  3. Dear Beth,
    These are a few names that I thought are nice for the Rhino: Rumbo,Rascal,Savannah,Smiley or Francesca.Do you think they are sweet?On the excursion I loved all of it. It was all very interesting and fun,but the thing I liked the most was seeing the Rhino and the Giraffes on the Safari.
    From Grace

  4. Dear Beth,
    I know a really good name for the new baby rhino Bianco meaning white in french hope you like it!!!!
    From Ruby

  5. Dear Beth,
    I loved the safari it was amazingly wonderful seeing all the great animals we have in Werribee Zoo. i loved it so much i want to go back again
    From Ruby

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for taking us to werribee zoo it was great fun I loved seeing that rhino but I would like to see it’s baby too. I made some names up for it how about: rhina,mather,hidi?
    From Greta!

  6. hi beth,
    i loved the zoo it was amazing .i think the name should be:crisy,dabra,anii,and prea

  7. Yo Beth,
    It might be a little late but has the new born rhino got a name yet? I thought of a name maby
    Lolo or Lola but I love the name Francesca grace I loved the zoo

    .P.S cute as animals

    Greta xoxo

    • Dear Greta, What do you mean? I don’t understand. From You’re Friend Zara :}

  8. Hi Beth,

    This school holiday’s I might mack a picture using rubbish i find, licke in the documentury.It loock’s licke alot of FUN!!

    From Sasha

  9. Dear Beth and Class,

    I wish I was there. I’m guessing everyone had a great time.

    from A Classmate,Zara 🙂

  10. Dear Class,

    i don’t know what happened, but i think everyone had to think of a name for a baby rhino………………………………………………… So here are a few suggestions Rebbeca, Riley and Reniece. From Zara 🙂

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