Athletics Day!

Here are some of our Athletics Day reflections.

We wrote them as a descriptive poem.

The circular relay

Tricky and cold

Running and jogging


Windy as a tornado. 

By Ana


The relay

Hard and cheering

loud and hoping

breath taking

like a big explosion of happiness. 

By Ben H


The 800m

Quick and rapid

Jogging and concentrating


A bale of turtles. 

By Ferris


I think these poems really show how we all felt about the day! It was great! Well done to all the teams but especially to LAWSON who won!


2 Comments on “Athletics Day!

  1. Dear Classmates,

    Those poems really spoke to me. From You’re mate, Zara

  2. Also, CONGRATS TO LAWSON! which is my team. GO LAWSON!

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