This morning it was V.I.P day for the 3/4s. Those of you who don’t  know what V.I.P means it means that you invite a family member or a friend and it stands for very important person. First of all we showed our family member how to pick a just right book. Then after that we read a bit of our just right book to our guest. We also read our draft book stories to our family member or a friend. We showed them our endangered animals video on the ipads to our V.I.P.

Then we got our guest to just have the littlest squiz of our classroom blog which you will be on right now reading this paragragh. Then it was snack time. Before they left they got to have a look around the room. Then they were welcome to leave the classroom. It was a fun morning for all guests and for all students.

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  1. Hi lucca, it was great to come and meet your teacher Beth and see your classroom, your reading is going well,keep up the good work

  2. Dear class 3/4a,

    Thanks for inviting us to your education week event.

    I had a great time learning and listening to my daughter, Melina, as well as observing your class interacting with one another!

    well done

  3. hi BETH.I really loved it when we had to bring a friend or a family member to school to share with them our work. It ended up to be a great for me and i bet it was a great day for the rest of the class to.v.i.ps are awesome.

  4. I had a lot of fun in class and would love to be able to join more often.
    I’m vere impressed about the knowledge and confidence of all the kids. The warmest fuzzy feeling came from the nice atmosphere in the room.

    Great time, keep it going!

  5. What a wonderful experience to be in the company of such curtious clever creative children. I’ve been so inspired by the stories I’ve heard today I’m going to read a book right now! Congratulations to you all!! 😉

  6. Dear students of 3/4a and Beth,
    I would like to congratulate you all on putting on such a wonderful morning session, of reading, videos, and in general sharing your wonderful experiences and stories. I was amazed to learn so much about palm oil, and how it exists in many of the foods we eat on a daily basis. I will be very careful from now on when i do my shopping.
    Best Wishes, Andrea
    PS thanks to Deanne for reading her story to Ruby and I.

  7. Hello Beth! We’ve got quite a few countries visiting our blog! I found out the countries are: India, Hong Kong and Indonesia! Hopefully they leave comments!

    • Melina,
      It’s great that your class is getting exposure from people in countries other than Australia!

  8. Hi Beth adn all the 3/4s…

    Thank you very much for having all of us to your classroom this week. It was very informative, and very educational to see how you spend your day in Beth’s class.

    I really enjoyed learning how to choose a Just Right Book, and also seeing the Endangered Animals videos. We have been learning (in our home, thanks to Greta) about which products have Palm Oil, and which of them don’t. Now, we understand better about choosing the best products that don’t harm the environment and the rainforest, from chopping down the natural habitat.

    Thank you again for having us to your classroom… I look forward to visiting you again soon! (Yummy cupcakes, too!)

    John (Greta’s Dad)

  9. Hi to all 3/4A,
    Thanks for the invite to see you guys in action. Love to see the smiles and laughter in the room. Particularly impressed with the interactive whiteboard and the effort that went into the projects on the walls. Was great to also have a bite to eat with my Adriana.
    Keep up the learning

  10. I can’t wait until the poems come out. They will all be fantastic, I hope. I just wish they were already out.

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