Today in class we read an article about Palm Oil. It discussed what palm oil is, how t is used and what companies use it. This article made us mad. We felt like we were being tricked as we didn’t know some of these companies that we buy food from all the time use palm oil. They also trick us by not labeling their products as palm oil but as vegetable oil. We have decided to write to these companies to persuade them to not use palm oil and to tell them how it is affecting the Orangutans. Stay tuned to see our finished letters. Let us know what you think about palm oil?


There is so much more we can do to help other animals that are also endangered. We found a website created by the Zoo’s in Victoria. It has a lot of information about endangered animals and what we can do to help them. Check it out, I have included the link below. We are also collecting mobile phone to send to the zoo to help the Gorilla’s! Way to go 3/4A! 


Check out ACT WILD website:

4 Comments on “Say NO to PALM OIL!

  1. Dear Beth,
    I think it was a great idea that you put a flag counter on our blog so that we know how many people are coming on our blog!GREAT IDEA!
    From Grace

  2. Hi my name is LUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree about palm oil i got really angry when i found out that food but not just food also products That i was buying had palm oil in message for beth megines sorry if i spelt that wrong any way why isn’t erica’s blog up yet? DON’T LOOK AT THIS IF YOU ARE NOT BETH.

  3. Sorry beth i just realised erica’s blog is now up there.FROM LUCA

  4. you should not use palm oil its effecting the gorrila’s. To stop this you can look at the internet and type in palm oil products then it will tell you many different foods that have palm oil in it like arnot’s put palm oil in thier biscits kraft peanut butter has palm oil in it and there’s many more palm oil product’s so stop eating palm oil product’s all it will do is get the gorrila’s driven to extinction

    By: Anton Ohrt

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