This morning it was V.I.P day for the 3/4s. Those of you who don’t  know what V.I.P means it means that you invite a family member or a friend and it stands for very important person. First of… Read More

Addition Fun!

Today in our maths session we did vertical addition. We played a fun vertical addition game. We worked in a group with one of our friends. We had to roll two, three, four or five nine sided dice… Read More

Education Week!

  During Education week we will be taking part in a simultaneous reading activity. We will be reading ‘The Wrong Book’… No thats what it is called. We are not reading the wrong book. we are reading the… Read More


Today in class we read an article about Palm Oil. It discussed what palm oil is, how t is used and what companies use it. This article made us mad. We felt like we were being tricked as… Read More


During Naplan week, the grade 4’s did debating. If you’re someone out there that doesn’t know what debating means, it is when two teams argue about a topic. There is an affirmative team (the team the agrees), and… Read More

Naplan Week!

Yes thats right, this week was Naplan week for the year 3 students! The sessions pasted by fast and everyone was very positive and excited about taking part. Here are some reflections from year 3 students: “I found… Read More

Volume and Capacity

Today in 3/4A we learnt how to measure volume and capacity. First we learnt about capacity. We learnt that capacity is how much something can hold. The first activity our class did was about learning the basics of… Read More

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