Happy Easter 3/4A

I can’t believe its Easter Holidays already! It has been a fantastic term in year 3/4, everyone has achieved a great deal and worked very hard! Well done! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and a safe… Read More

Fun Body Yoga!

  My body feels flexable now! Today was so strange! Magic dust was blown into the air! We all became wrapped in a bubble! We shrank and some how we ended up in our own mouth! We were… Read More

Perimeter and the Human Body!

Good Morning, we started the day today by looking at perimeter! For those of you who don’t know what this is …. Perimeter is the outside of an object. We used a range of tools to help us… Read More

Foot and Shoe Maths

Today in 3/4A we are measuring our feet and shoes. Measuring my shoe. The perimeter of my shoe is 59cm. We had to estimate length,width,the narrowest part and the perimeter of our feet. Then we had to check… Read More

Sizzling Starts!

‘Here are a few of our sizzling starts. We hope you like them! These sizzling starts are about an angry kangaroo who wanted to be invisible: ‘I WANT TO BE INVISIBLE!’ bellowed the angry kangaroo as he whacked… Read More

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