Collaborative Art Work

It has been a fun and exciting week in the Visual Arts room. Each class in the school has been working together to create a canvas to be sold at the school fate.

We have included ink blowing, printing, drawing and painting to create some standout pieces of art.

The foundation students were very excited to be in the art room for the first time this year. The painted a picture to take home, the canvas for the fate, another canvas for their bag room and the art room tables. Lots of happy faces and very proud preppies.

Year 1/2 also showed enthusiasm when they had their lessons. Lots of creative artists in this year level. Their final works are wonderful.

Year 5/6 students create a “change the world’ message to share using words, images or symbols. Look deep into these canvases to find the messages and don’t forget to always read between the art lines for those hidden messages.

Year 3/4 students have begun to work on their canvas that will take a few more weeks to finish. They are using oil pastels on canvas for a bright design.





Here is the coloured picture of the painting that you will be making inferences about for homework this week. Enjoy.



Well it is the third week of term 4 already and time is flying. We are all getting ready for swimming today and very excited. Everyone was dressed in thongs and bathers ready to make a splash.

We will be adding in students quotes about how swimming is going over the next two weeks so stay tuned.

Grammar and Punctuation Songs

Today we learnt a song about adjectives. You sing it to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat. We all liked it, so decided to write our own songs about other types of grammar and punctuation. In small groups we wrote a song about capital letters, full stops, nouns and verbs. We hope you like them and that they help you to remember when and how to use them correctly.



Sung to the tune of ROW ROW ROW Your Boat.

By Grace, Ana, Kyle and Ben

Noun, Noun, Noun, Nouns

Person, place or thing

Proper nouns, abstract nouns common nouns can be.


Noun, Noun, Noun, Nouns

Person, place or thing

They can be very helpful for your writing.



Full Stops

Sung to the tune of Ba Ba Black Sheep.

By Greta, Sasha, Ben, Irmak and Erica

Full stops full stops,

Go at the ned of a sentence

When you need to take a breath


Full stops full stops help you very much!

Some in your writing, some in your letters and now they will make you better.


Full stops full stops

go at the end of a sentence when you need to take a breath.


The Capital Letter Song

Sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb

Written by Luca, Ferris, Justin, Adriana, Jared and  Zara

Capital letters at the start of a sentence, sentence, sentence.

Capital letters at the start of a sentence.

At the start of a person, place or thing.

Person, place or thing.

Person, place or thing

Capital letters are great, are great, are great

At the start of peoples names.

All over the world!


Spelling Homework!

Each week students in 3/4 A have to learn to spell 12 words as part of the homework program. They are required to do ‘look, say, name, cover, write and check’ activities three times in the week and to complete a spelling activity card. The spelling activity cards are all different. Below is a completed spelling activity by Melina. Melina had to use her spelling words in a story. Great work Melina.

Moon Walking 

By Melina

Year 4

On the weekend, my cousins, my sister and I went to space. There was no gravity there and we were conveyed there by a rocket ship. When we landed on the moon, we walked in a floaty kind of motion and  found rocks that let off radioactivity.
We made faces when the nuclear air dragged across our space helmets and I thought we looked like a specific book character from one of my favorite books.
Surprisingly, my cousin, Harris, found and oak tree growing off a part of the moon. I saw that there was a doe resting under it. It suddenly spotted us and hopped away. It was like the doewas our pet and it abandoned us. Cleopatra, Harris’ sister, planted our flag on the rocky surface of the moon.
I kneeled on the moon and took something out of my pocket. It was an asteroid which had crashed into earth, though, it was quite a small one. I carefully displayed it in a small crater.
I stood up, conveying a message to Mietta:
“The journey isn’t over yet…”

Book Week Book Reports

Tanglewood book review

By Luca and Jared

This is a story called Tanglewood by Margret Wild  and Viveine Goodman.

This story is about a tree called Tanglewood and how he was so lonely for ages but one day something  happened ….it is a great book and is recommended for preps to grade one.

Me and Jared also recommend this book for when your not up for a challenge.

We decided that we want to give this book a score of 4 out of 5 stars!!!

Our favourite character is Tanglewood the tree with feelings.

The thing  we liked best is the beautiful illustrations and how they expressed how Tanglewood was feeling. Hope you love this book!


Book review on ‘The Coat’!

The title of this interesting book we read was called ‘The Coat’. The author was Julie Hunt and the illustrator was Ron Brooks.   The Coat was about a lonely coat on a scarecrow and a lonely man walking on a pathway. They meet each other and become friends, and the coat took the man to a restaurant in a city called Black Smoke and in the restaurant the man was made famous by the coat because the coat had convinced him to play the accordion in front of the people. The music the man made, made him happy and the audience dance like monkeys and acrobats.      When he finally finished his song, he and the coat went on another adventure! We thought it was a nice book and we recommend this book for 5-8 year old children.    We also give this book give this book 4 stars out of 5 stars. Our favourite character was the man because he made the people go wild and the illustrations were really abstract which kind of made it a good book. Hope you like the book as well!

By Justin and Ana


Herman and Rosie !

We read a picture story book called Herman and Rosie. It was written by Gus Gordon and published by the Penguin Group.

The story line was about a crocodile called Herman and a Deer called Rosie. Herman likes to play the oboe and Rosie sings at a night club each week. They follow each other’s music and something good happens.

The word difficulty was just right for year 3 and 4.

We like the part where they get new jobs.

They had a good amount of illustrations.

Our favourite character is Rosie the deer.

This is a reasonable book to recommend to children who want to be famous!!!

The report was done by Sasha Byrne, Erica Taylor and Irmak Ak.

Sophie Scott goes South!

We read a long picture story book called Sophie Scott goes South by Alison Lester and published by the Penguin Group.

It was mainly about a young girl called Sophie Scott who travels to Antarctica with her dad. She stays at a place called Mawson and experiences some amazing events. She also meets 2 other people on her journey and they become friends!

The word difficulty was just right for us, there were just the right amount of pictures and it wasn’t boring at all!


We had a favourite character too! The main character…Sophie Scott! We really liked the way the author wrote the book to make it sound like Sophie was telling the story. It was basically written like diary entries. We started this book on the 29th of July this year, and finished on the 5th of August.


We recommend this book for ages 8 and over and also hope you are interested to read it!


By Melina Vampatella and Adriana Koukounaras



Book Reports

 A Day To Remember

Our book “A Day to Remember” is about Anzac Day and the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to save their country.


This book is what happened in the war and which year on Anzac Day it happened and also which soldiers served for which country. Anzac stands for Australian, New Zealand, Army,   Corps .Anzac Day celebrates the loss of our ancestors lives that served for us in the war.


This book was written  by  Jackie French and illustrated by Mark Wilson. We would highly recommend this book to people the age of 9+.We give this book 3 ½  stars out of 5 stars.

This book was reviewed by Zara Christian-Ng and Connor Davis!

 It’s a Miroocool


The Book  we read was called It’s a Miroocool. The author is Christine Harris and the publisher is  a group of people called Little Hare Books.

The story was about a little girl who lost her tooth and she made clues to help the tooth fairy get the Tooth. The tooth fairy goy the tooth in the most extreme problems.

We said that the word difficulty was easy for us but it may be just right for preps, grade 1’s and maybe grade 2’s

The part we liked best was when the tooth fairy gets to the house to collect the tooth from the girl.


We both thought that there were enough illustrations in the book. There was always a big picture on each page because it’s a picture story book


The book was interesting for us and it will be for you. It was interesting because it had the background of the out-back and the problems were exiting.


Our comment for the book was that it was ideal for all ages and the book is also exitingfor both of us.


Our favourite characters were the girl and the tooth fairy because they were interesting and also because they were both the main characters.


We recommend the book for 3-8 year olds and it’s a lovely book to enjoy.

By Ferris and Ben


                         WITH NAN

We  reviewed the book ‘With Nan’. The author was Tania cox and the publisher was Windy Hollow Books. The book was about a Nan and a child. Nan said to Simon” there are some things that aren’t what they seem.” We liked that nan said this and that she showed us those things that aren’t what they seem. The illustrations had light colours and it was detailed and it was interesting. Our favourite character was  the dog. A comment we have is that they should have more characters in this book. We think this book is reasonable.

Anton and Max reviewed this book.





Book Reviews


We read a picture story book called “Peggy”. It was written by Anna Walker and published by Scholastic Australia. Peggy was an exciting book about a hen that gets swept away by a gust of wind and is lost in the city. We liked how Peggy had a self-connection with some sunflowers and finds her home. Our favourite character was Peggy. She was the main character. The recommend ages is 4 to 9 to read this book. We hope you enjoy reading this book!


Too many Elephants in this House!

Our book was called “Too many Elephants in this House “and it was written by Ursula Dubosarsky and the publisher was Penguin Group. Our favourite character was the boy Eric. We loved how he got a giant box and turned it into a house for the elephants. We also liked how there were elephants everywhere. We think the book was too easy for us but, we recommend it for a younger age group. We liked the illustrations and it was really creative. We really loved how the author used her imagination, and put an elephant in every room, and they did everything with Eric. If we had to rate this book, we would rate it a 4 out of 5.

By Deanne and Grace!


Book Week

Over the last few weeks students in 3/4 A have been reading all of the shortlisted books for Book Week 2013. They have been working on book reviews based on these books. Over the next few days you will see these book reviews appear on the blog. You might be interested in reading some of these children’s books.

Lightning Jack

By Lucca and Kyle

We read a childrens book called Lightning Jack and the author was

Glenda Millard. The publisher is Scholastic books.

It was about a boy who went to the park to see the horses race.

He saw a gallant and a midnight horse called Lightning Jack.

The boy dreamed of riding the horse around the country.

We liked the character Lightning Jack because he blended in and the


We think the book is just right for preps and grade 1s.

Rounding Off Numbers

Today in Maths we focused on rounding off numbers to the nearest 10.

So we could round the number 23 off to the nearest ten and it would become 20.

We used this to help us to work out the answers to harder multiplication equations.

Like: 256 X 8 =

We rounded the numbers to the nearest 10 so

256  becomes 260 and 8 becomes 10 so our new equations is:

260 x 10 = 2600

Today we  learnt a new strategy. This will help us when we solve problems in our heads!

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